Our programs are personalized to the student.

No two people are the same, so no two instructional programs are the same.  We take pride in being able to adapt to the STUDENT’S needs and not making the student adapt to us. When you understand what your body does naturally then and only then will you improve.  We take pride in our ability to communicate the golf swing in a way YOU UNDERSTAND and Your body can repeat.  When you understand what you need to do and how to do it.  THEN YOU IMPROVE!

We don’t use a method or philosophy.  Methods are founded on someone’s feel and experiences.  What you feel and experiences will be different from your playing partners.  So trying to be like them won’t work over the long run.  We allow you to build your swing, feel your swing in your own way and in terms you can understand.  Remember no two swings are alike they only look similar

Individual Lessons

Package Savings

Group Instruction / Per Hour

Game Assessment Package

  • 90 minutes Includes
  • Full Swing Video Analysis 
  • Short Game Check-up
  • Equipment Check and Fitting Review
  • Practice Drills

Full YEar Package

Unlimited lessons (Individual) during 2018 


Fees are based on type of clinic, location and number of students